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Content Marketing Engines

When we talk about search engine optimization, most people think of Google. However, when we think of it from a content marketing perspective, there are three search engines. Content comes in many forms — written, audio, image and video — and because of this, we need to think about and optimize for multiple search engines.

What are the three search engines for content marketers?

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2018 What Web Design Trends

With 2018 around the corner, what trends in web design can we expect?

1. Videos and cinemagraphs. Videos and cinemagraphs are the tools of the future, and 2018. These web elements increase engagement while catering to the lazier side of human nature. Instead of asking visitors to read all the text on your page, you can show them the most imp...

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7 SEO Trends That Dominated 2017

The world of search engine optimization (SEO) rarely stays still for long. Between new Google updates, new strategies, layout changes, new technologies, and new reports and studies from major influencers, the SEO community stays abuzz for most of the year.

Every year, then, I like to take the time to reflect on all these changes and discussions, and pinpoint the overarching trends that le...

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Big Data & Digital Spend For 2018

As companies set their sights on 2018, marketing leaders are looking to shift their spending towards digital. According to Gartner's most recent CMO Spend Survey, Two-thirds of CMOs plan to up funding on their digital initiatives, investing more in analytics, digital ads, eCommerce and social media.

While larger compan...

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5 ways to implement a continuous testing plan for responsive web design

When was the last time you visited a website on your mobile device and it didn’t render correctly? Maybe the page wasn’t laid out right or the text was too small to read. Probably recently, right? You are not alone. According to Criteo’s State of Mobile Commerce report, today four out of ten transactions take place on multiple devices—but nearly half of internet users complain that the websites...

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